Leukemia patients with CML in India, Bolivia & Nigeria
Need Your Help!

Make a Life-Saving Difference: Donate Now to Empower CML Patients in Latin America!

Help us provide essential care to leukemia patients with CML in Latin America. Your donation ensures access to necessary tests and transportation, saving lives. Support our fundraising for testing in Bolivia, making a difference in their lives.

Changing Lives: Your Donation Makes a Difference for CML Patients in India

In India, many leukemia patients with CML lack access to essential tests and treatments. Your donation directly supports these patients and together, we can create a brighter future for these individuals and ensure they receive the support they deserve.

Transform Lives: Support CML Patients in Nigeria - Donate Today!

Help us break barriers for leukemia patients with CML in Nigeria and across Africa by supporting access to vital treatment and transportation. Your donation can provide the care, compassion, and life-saving resources needed to overcome challenges.  Donate today for positive change.

Imagine not having access to the tests you need to manage your disease?
Imagine not being able to afford transportation to a treatment clinic?
Imagine not getting the treatment you need to survive?

This is the reality for hundreds of leukemia (CML) patients in Africa, Latin-America and Asia

With your donation, we can ensure that people living with CML get the care and compassion they deserve, and the treatment they need to survive. Please choose one of the projects above to make a donation.
100% of funds donated will go directly towards these causes for patients affected by CML!

Share your CML Story – We want to hear from you!

… and be a part of our global campaign

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