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Keeping CML under control requires testing BCR-ABL.

BCR-ABL counts are a measure of genetic abnormalities found in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). The information assists doctors in tracking the disease’s progress and in making treatment decisions. Knowing the BCR-ABL count is crucial since it can both make managing CML more effective and save lives. Patients may not be aware of the possibility of entering a stage known as a blast crisis without this information. Blast crises cause immature cells to grow rapidly, leading to complications. Doctors monitor BCR-ABL counts in order to intervene early and manage blast crisis in order to improve outcomes.

Friends of Max (FOM) is the largest support group of its kind in the world that caters to CML & GIST patients and caregivers. Their aim is to ensure All CML patients in India have free-of-cost access to the expensive BCR-ABL test.

In India, FOM is committed to ensuring that no patient is deprived of knowing his BCR-abl count because of a lack of funds. Performing the test once costs $100. Lack of funds leads to many people not monitoring it.

Tracking the BCR-ABL count is crucial to monitoring the progress of CML patients. This test needs to be done approximately 2 times a year.

In order to conduct BCR-ABL tests at a good discounted rate (70% lower) with the promise of bulk orders, FOM negotiated and partnered with an international lab. Patients support group meetings are periodically held across the country to provide free BCR-ABL tests. A counter is set up by the Lab at the site of the Patients Support Group Meetings to collect samples. The reports are sent online.

In the last two months, FOM conducted a pilot project test at two Patients Support Group Meeting locations. The program was beneficial to 100 people.

More support, more beneficiaries, more monitoring, more control over CML. To sustain the initiative and ensure that no patient is denied access to his BCR-abl count due to lack of funding, funds are needed.


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