This is the story of Melinda Olson
Country: United States
- September 22, 2023

In the heart of the storm… keep the faith!
On May 23rd 2014 I went to the er thinking i was having a possible  etopic pregnancy at 7 weeks pregnant. i was in no way expecting what the doctors had found. The conformation of my pregnancy as well as CML left the er staff speechless. Having my whole world tore apart in a single moment changed my life forever. After careful debates, a lot of tears, and prayers i decided to continue with the pregnancy, as this child to me was an act of God. Had i not gotten pregnant the cancer would have been left un-diagnosed and i may not have been here to share this amazing story. l chose to treat while pregnant on a course of medication that was undocumented. I was unable to eat for 8 weeks due to the effects of the interferon shots i received daily. Living off IV fluids, Iv iron and Flintstones vitamins i was unsure of baby and my prognosis. Sick, fragile and starving, I put our faith in God’s hands.  At 15 weeks I started on Tasigna. I was finally able to eat and slowly got my strength back. At 20 weeks i was able to return t work part-time as i was responding to the treatment. I delivered a healthy baby girl in December of 2014 (36 weeks). On Sept 16 2015 I entered complete remission and have been ever since. While this road has not been easy, it taught me the value of life and what is really important. When you feel like all hope is lost, and the storm is to much to bear, have faith and let go.  God will either carry you through or give you wings to fly.

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