This is the story of Lydia Dumaiyanti
Country: Indonesia
- September 21, 2023

September is mine
Hi my name is Lydia from Indonesia, I have been living with CML since August 2007.
I would to say thank to my family,  friends and my patient support group ELGEKA Indonesia.
On this World CML  Day, i would like to convey that we CML patients can live like normal people, become empowered and useful human beings.

We are not different but we are special, God made us a blessing to others.
Keep the spirit up for CML fighter!

21st September is my brithday,
22nd September is World CML Day,
I’m blessed!


Leukemia patients with CML in Africa, Latin America & Asia NEED YOUR HELP

Imagine not having access to the tests you need to manage your disease?
Imagine not being able to afford transportation to a treatment clinic?
Imagine not getting the treatment you need to survive?

With your donation, we can ensure that people living with CML get the care and compassion they deserve, and the treatment they need to survive. Please choose one of the projects to make a donation.

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