This is the story of Depla Diederik
Country: Belgium
- August 25, 2023

Sport is a good!

I enjoy cycling, but beginning of 2020 it became more difficult to reach the same power. In June of 2020 CML was diagnosed. Now with the correct medication I reached a deep molecular response MR5. Nevertheless, the daily medication is a reminder of the importance for a good follow-up and the need to keep on sporting.

Leukemia patients with CML in Africa, Latin America & Asia NEED YOUR HELP

Imagine not having access to the tests you need to manage your disease?
Imagine not being able to afford transportation to a treatment clinic?
Imagine not getting the treatment you need to survive?

With your donation, we can ensure that people living with CML get the care and compassion they deserve, and the treatment they need to survive. Please choose one of the projects to make a donation.

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